Twitter 101: Growing and Maintaining a Twitter Account for Your Small Business

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Twitter has become a good method for corporations, nice and tiny, to achieve intent on their consumer base whereas making stronger business ties. It's presently one amongst the most effective promotion tools accessible owing to its easy access, its speed, and its ability to interact and rally folks round the globe.

Whether you are growing a brand new business or establishing an internet presence, Twitter is a superb thanks to get the word out. And, if it's used effectively, it may be some way to ascertain client loyalty and to cultivate a uniform community around your business.

But, like all tool, Twitter takes apply. It conjointly takes lots of patience and diligence. Twitter may be a ton like farming - you'll be able to plant seeds, however if you do not water them effectively, they are in all probability not reaching to grow.
We've place along a number of tips to assist you get the foremost out of your Twitter account. the following tips square measure geared toward little businesses, however they are conjointly useful for private accounts.

Brand your Twitter

Twitter may be a medium that's all concerning visibility and clarity. consider your Twitter homepage as an advertisement for your company. as a result of everything on Twitter happens thus quickly, you will only have a flash to grab the user's attention, thus create that moment count.

Your profile image ought to be your company's brand. this offers your account an expert, instantly unforgettable look. Plus, humans square measure visual creatures, thus grabbing their attention together with your winning brand is crucial.

Usually, folks can follow you supported a mix of your profile image, your recent tweets and your bio. Like your tweets, your bio is restricted to a hundred and forty characters, thus get straight to the point: what's your company? make a case for what you are doing, WHO you're, and why you are distinctive. Be honest and direct. folks can follow you.

Follow folks

If you are simply beginning out, you are going to own to begin following folks. Following various folks is that the best thanks to gain followers quickly as a result of, abundant of the time, folks follow back.

However, you would like to be slightly selective in your following method. hunt down similar businesses, or those who have interests that square measure in line together with your business. Enter any connected search term into Twitter, then click on folks and see WHO comes up.

Be consistent

In case you hadn't already guessed, Twitter may be a bit over simply a method for you to place out the seasonal selling message. you will need to be tweeting usually - the maximum amount as ten times per day - so as to create certain you stay comparatively visible within the news streams of your followers.

And these tweets ought to be of fine quality and consistent. try and follow your space.
Promote content and create comments on happenings, however keep it to at intervals realms that square measure associated with your business. If you are a freelance internet development company, it merely won't do to begin talking concerning your favorite squad.

Consistency is crucial as a result of folks can create a choice whether or not or to not follow you supported your most up-to-date tweets. moreover, if you begin to step too way outside what folks expected you to tweet concerning, you will begin to visualize your followers leave you.

Engage together with your community

By far the most effective thanks to grow your Twitter account is thru community engagement. If all you are doing is causation out periodic updates and bits of attention-grabbing content, folks can begin to lose interest.

So retweet tweets that you just suppose square measure interesting! Reply to tweets after you have one thing to say! Get involved! conjointly, do not be afraid to tweet "at" a user by putt the "@" image ahead of their name.

Another good way to interact together with your community is by mistreatment hashtags. Hashtags square measure created by putt "#" ahead of any word: "#sandwiches". try and notice unremarkably used hashtags that relate to your business and use them, however use them meagrely. do not flood each post with an equivalent 3 or four hashtags. Use them only they apply.

Be human

Twitter isn't an area for PR jargon. Be relaxed in your tone, be informal. you'll be able to create jokes. you do not got to be serious all the time on Twitter. Being human helps.

Striking this sort of tone is useful in eliciting comments and feedback from your consumer base, that solely helps it to grow.


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